Ancillary Care, Integrated Health Information Systems Pte Ltd, and Head, National Pharmacy Program Management Office, Ministry of Health

Huei-Xin is the Director of Program Delivery - Ancillary Care with Integrated Healthcare information Systems Pte Ltd, whereby she oversees the planning and implementation of various medication related systems such as medication module within National Electronic Healthcare Records, allergy reporting system, pharmacy, laboratory, diagnostic and specialized systems. She is also the Head of National Pharmacy Program Management Office with Ministry of Health, Singapore, overseeing the implementation of National Pharmacy Strategy to transform pharmacy practice in Singapore.

Huei-Xin obtained her basic Pharmacy Degree with Merits and thereafter started her career as a Clinical Pharmacist with Singapore General Hospital. During her stay in Singapore General Hospital, Huei-Xin practised as a clinical pharmacist in kidney and solid organ transplant, renal and critical care medicine and implemented the pharmacist run transplant and renal ambulatory clinic and services. Huei-Xin was also active in clinical research and both early and late phase clinical trials comparing the safety and efficacy of different immunosuppressant regimens, studying the immunosuppressant pharmacokinetic, dosing and genetic polymorphism. She has authored a number of papers in these areas.

In 2007, Huei-Xin joined the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore and was responsible for the registration of new and generic drugs in Singapore. Huei-Xin represented Singapore in the Global Corporation Group and Regulator Forum, International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) and the APEC Life Science Innovative Forum Regulatory Steering Committee and worked with international regulatory bodies in the area of benefit-risk analysis. Huei-Xin was also responsible for the pre-market control of health products and led the development of cell and tissue therapy regulation.